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New Music Video Shoot This Weekend!

Greetings, dreamers! I'm so excited to write you all to announce a brand new video shoot featuring the love duet between Jayden and Bryony. "Pretend" is about two people who deeply care for each other taking a moment to release the obligations of the world and just imagine what life would be life if they could be together. It's really just a breath-just a moment. But when the song ends, he ends up going off to war.

Audio will recorded with Brad Baerwald at Studio 51 in Dunkirk, MD. Live shots will be inhistoric Ellicott City at an old Victorian Mansion. (Wait until you see the location!)

So many people have worked hard to make this happen. We're thrilled to have the lovely Chelsi Ervien returning reprise her role as Bryony. Flying in today from Austin, Texas, is the extremely talented Justin Ray. Justin and I go way back to "Creature from the Black Lagoon" the musical at Universal Studios, Hollywood. The three of us also worked together at Pirates Dinner Adventure in Los Angeles, California. Justin is an amazing dancer, as well as an actor and vocalist. Plus, Andy thinks he looks like John Stamos. Check out his Vimeo page! We'll be recording the events of the weekend and posting them on our Facebook and Instagram.

Please join me in welcoming Justin Ray!

Justin Ray plays the role of "Jayden Ryderson"

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