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Mortals from the Gods

There's about a million people to thank for the fact that this is happening. I'm gonna go down the list, and just hope that I do them justice. The truth is the talent that came together to made this happen is kind of mind boggling. It is humbling. I don't feel like I can honestly put into accurate words how humbling it is to work alongside these individuals.

Andy Skaggs came into my life at the perfect time. His attention to detail, drive, passion for music and for fantasy are just what Evernight needed. He challenges me, and he hears things that my ear cannot, and therefore he can step in and jump into a number of roles that are crucial. I am so, so grateful for Andy.

Andy adds: "I'm grateful to be part of this project, and this team. I think everyone involved would agree that you, Maia, are the animating force behind all of it. Speaking for myself, the work on this has been some of the most fun (and least like work) I could imagine. More than anything, I'd like to thank you for that. Success may be the goal, but working with you has been the reward -- I imagine I'm not the only one who feels that way. I can't wait to see what the future holds.

Chelsi Ervien is like this ethereal magical creature with a boat load of talent and sass. She is PERFECT for Bryony, and colored her in all these new and interesting patterns. There wouldn't have been a music video without Chelsi. I still think she's gonna launch to fame right after this is released.

Michael Diprizio lent his directing talents. Not only do I have a ton of respect for Michael's storytelling and keen eye, but I also consider him a good friend. Davd Morse (Audio), Kyle Augustine (Bass) Leon Alexander (drums), Paul Keesling (drums), John Morrison (guitar) made amazing music and sound.

I am eternally grateful to Bradly Baerwald for his months of risk-taking on this, and his belief in the magic of the project. Brad is a visionary and a genius. When we sat around months ago discussing this project's possibilities, we were asking things of Brad that he'd never done. But this guy saw that as a challenge! And he rose to that challenge ten-fold. I could write an entire piece about Brad's contribution to this project.

Brad Baerwald films Lynnea

To my amazing husband, Jason, for stepping into a million roles behind the scenes for this. I love you. And for your encouragement and support, always, you are my best friend and partner.

To my friends who traveled from far and near to be in the studio audience:

Ben Bransford

Katie Bransford

Cas Bransford

Hermione Bransford

Joanie Diprizio (rockin out with me on the sideline stools!)

Emma Diprizio

Randy Wothke

Eric Yokum

Stacy Brogsdale-Alexander

Christina Sawyer

Michael Sawyer

Madison Sawyer

Mackenzie Sawyer

Cameron Sawyer

Shannon Skaggs

Matt Ervien

Getting ready for the next shot.

Thank you all. We are small, but when we come together, we are mighty.


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