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My What a Year It's Been

As it sit here in the final weeks of November, it's hard to believe that it's been one year since we embarked on this music video endeavor. It has been a learning process for sure for all of us. Along the way, we have made some life long friendships. Brad Baerwald of Studio 51 is a major talent, and he's tucked away in a tiny town in Calvert. You sort of have to know someone who knows him, and it just happened that way for us. But his work is widely known in the gospel community. He's always working. And when he took on the "Mortals from the Gods" video, we knew it would be more than just another job. It would become something cinematic. The first and largest video shoot happened at the end of April. A second outdoor shoot occurred at Calvert Cliffs in July. The last few months have been either re-shooting or adding additional missing shots: little things like exposition pieces, or replacing a shot here or there that we think we can improve upon.

We have one more instrumental session that should be happening in the next few weeks, and then the goal is to release what we've done by the holidays. It's tough when it's ALMOST done... yet... it's not quite done. And after much discussion, we didn't want to put something out there unless we felt like it represented the story. Once these final pieces are complete, I think I can say that.

We've updated the website with more pictures. But... we're only at the tip of the iceberg. There are so many more. And I upload them, I think to myself of all the people I've met who've been affected deeply by the story of Evernight: the Musical over the years. It makes me wonder what Little Fox Productions can do to give back. I'm still pondering that one. Perhaps we align ourselves with a charity or non profit? There are endless possibilities. Much of this will be discussed over the holidays, as well as submitting "Mortals from the Gods" to

It's been a crazy year for this world... for this country. So much seems in flux. I find myself turning back to this story as the weather grows colder. I find it gives me hope as the days grow shorter. And I also find that it connects us during a time when there is so much disconnect happening all around.

Stories bring us closer together, even in the darkest night.

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