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Second Video Shoot Almost Underway



Do you know what tomorrow is? July 25th? Well, it's going to be hot if you're in D.C. But it's also the day of our outdoor video shoot. This is the footage we'll be taking INTO the world of Evernight featuring Chelsi Ervien as the lovely Bryony. I put together a little V-log discussing all the preparations. But really, it's been months of planning, meetings, paperwork, and research. Hard to believe it's actually happening!!

In other exciting news (and I'll be spending a little more time on this) we have begun a search for Evernight inspired artwork. Turns out a lot of you are amazing artists. We want your sketches, your drawing, your graphic arts... anything that inspires you from the story of Evernight! Submissions are due by September 15th, 2016! You can submit them here. How easy is that? Goodness, it's just too easy!

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