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Planning from the road

Seven and a half years ago I planned my Niagara Falls wedding from the opposite coast. And I have zero complaints. It turned out splendidly. Now I find myself on tour through the northeastern United States, and life doesn't stop just because I'm on the road. My husband holds down the fort like a beast. And Andy is on task. Last week Little Fox Productions had a phone conference with Brad Baerwald from Studio 51. He'll be shooting our video. The plan is to get both indoor and outdoor shots, but we'll start with the indoor first. I'm very excited because not only will we be treading new waters on this made-for-social-media project, but we'll be sharing it with some of my closest friends. My best friend, Christina, will be coming up for the shoot (she was also at my Niagara Falls wedding), and my talented, creative friends Michael and Joanie will be there, too. Michael and Joanie are a the first people I ever wrote a musical with, so I'm thrilled to have them there.

Currently I'm getting familiar with "Asana", a project management site, so that all people involved from sound engineer to video to costuming can stay afloat with the goings on. But I also have to time it out with when the maid comes to clean my room here. Sometimes we have to get a little creative with where and how we do things on the road, and if that means wearing bunny slippers in the hotel business center, then so be it.

April 26th is rapidly approaching.

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