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New Music Video Shoot This Spring

Driving down 4 tonight through Ann Arundel County, I saw what could only be described a painter's sunset. It's the kind of sky that looks like someone took the most vivid colors imaginable to a canvas and just got busy.

Sky McDougall (voice of the narrator on the album) once mentioned that when you feel like you're going down the right path, it's kind of like driving down a highway and seeing big flashing billboards pointing you down a very specific direction.

Life has kind of been like that lately.

Honestly, I've been waiting to write this blog post for about two years now, and as I sit on my living room floor with my old Dell laptop, it still feels surreal. Eight years ago when I began work on Evernight, social media was virtually a brand new thing. Now it is a way to reach thousands-potentially millions-with the click of a button. And I've been asking myself what it would be like to take a song from Evernight: the Musical and just shoot it as a music video? Matt and Melinda Snyder sat around discussing it one night at my old house in Virgnia. Then when Andy came on board last year, the idea kind of took off.

So I'm thrilled to announce that we will be doing a shoot of Evernight: the Musical this spring! And we will be showcasing none other than Bryony's anthem, "Mortals from the Gods". Chelsi Ervien will be singing the role, and I'm honored and excited to be able to have a platform in which to showcase her incredible talent.

We'll be shooting and recording everything, releasing behind the scenes footage, so everyone can watch the process as we go. I cannot wait.

It's gonna be totally rad.

“If it weren't for music, I would think that love is mortal.” ― Mark Helprin, A Soldier of the Great War

Andy builds the demo for the new version of Mortals

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