Stories as told through art

Andy and I are just two people who love to tell fantastical stories through music. That is what the soul of Evernight: the Musical is all about. Beyond that, though, Little Fox Productions will be supporting artists and their own unique way of telling stories.

My friend, Andrea Emmes-Cenna, is involved in an animated short film entitled "Mila", and it looks like a beautiful story exploring a young girl during World War II. I recently met with Andrea to talk about it during a trip to San Jose'. She and I had worked together for years at Pirates Dinner Adventure in Orlando, FL and Buena Park, CA. I knew only a little bit about her skills as an artist, and I'm thrilled to see them come to fruition on "Mila". Keep track of this one, folks.

My daughter's drawing of Mila & her parents

Mila's Plaza

Also, my friend from Navy Boot Camp is turning into such a talented artist! He just got accepted into San Diego Comic Con! Congratulations to David Robles-Garcia! In his own words, the story goes something like this:

"Torn between pursuing a self fulfilling life and committing to the norm of settling down the leading lady of Inferno Fish, Megan, will soon learn what happens when she meets someone who is willing to cheer her on while at the same time dealing with the slightly backwards culture in the middle of a socialist war time america in the early 2070's."

David Robles-Garcia's art

Do you have a story inside of you?

"“Tell the story that's been growing in your heart, the characters you can't keep out of your head, the tale story that speaks to you, that pops into your head during your daily commute, that wakes you up in the morning.” ―

Jennifer Weiner

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