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Little Fox Productions launches brand new website

Let me tell you a story....

My name is Maia. And I love stories. I've told a lot of them over the course of my life. I'm a singer by trade. But story-telling was always my first love. And one day when my husband and I were walking along the shore of Hermosa Beach, California, we discussed this story in details. That was really where it all began.

I really believe that when you're in the right place at the right time, the path you're meant to take is clear. It's like following a bunch of really huge billboards. I met my friend David Schulz one night while watching his band play. Turned out that he also ran a recording studio in Burbank. So we scheduled our first session and I was ready to start.

A few days later I found out I was pregnant.

And throughout the course of the next few months, I endured some personal struggles that found their way into this story. It had really just started out as a fairy tale; perhaps something I could tell to my daughter after she was born. But it turned into something much more than that. It was a story set in a magical world but it dealt with real life situations.

Frankly, who wouldn't rather live in a magical world? This adulting thing is hard most of the time.

People began to find gravitate towards this project: Sky McDougall (voice-over actor), Luke Mauer (The Pacific Symphony), Fang Fan Xu (Los Angeles Philharmonic), Matthew Snyder (Premier Exhibitions), and eventually Andy Skaggs (United States Navy Band).

Now 9 years after it's conception, the team at Little Fox Productions is preparing for the next phase of Evernight: the Musical which includes a brand new revision, new music by the incredibly talented Andy Skaggs and.....

... wait for it....

An upcoming music video shoot of "Mortals from the Gods".

This project has taken a lift of it's own. And it's only the first of many, I hope. Little Fox Productions plans to take fantastical stories and set them to music.

Do you have a story to tell?

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